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GoodKnews 6 Feet Away Face Mask


6 Feet Away Face Mask

If you can read this mask, you're almost certainly standing too close. Back 'em up with the first GoodKnews 6 Feet Away Face Mask.

GoodKnews Presents: The 6 Feet Away Face Mask. 

Available in the color black with a red and white logo. 

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Product Details

Estimated 10 business days production time + shipping time, unless coupled with products that have a longer stated production time.

Dual-layered, reusable, washable, antimicrobial cloth face mask.

According to the CDC, “Wearing ANYTHING is better than nothing!”

Three big reasons why wearing a face mask will help save lives:

If you have covid-19 (also known as coronavirus), are asymptomatic, or sick in general, it will help reduce the spread of germs and virus particles from your body to others (i.e., when you sneeze or cough). It's also a great way to keep from touching your face and spreading the virus to your nose or mouth.

Too, these masks help reduce the inhalation of pet allergens, dusty environments, and pollution.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ This face mask is NOT 100% preventative, no mask is, and this is NOT intended to be a surgical mask or medical respirator. 


  • Wash your mask daily if worn in public places like the grocery store.
  • Add an extra layer of fabric or tissue. The more layers the better.
  • More advice on slowing the spread of coronavirus are located here.


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